CF-ETE  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                        (c/n    12005)


                                             The T. Eaton Company was to Canada, what Sears Roebuck were to the United States.
                                             At one time Canada's largest retailer, they owned several aircraft.  This DC-3 was one of
                                             them. Others were a were a Lodestar CF-ETC and a Goose CF-ETJ.  This shot was taken
                                             by the late Peter R. Keating and my print, unfortunately, is rather scratchy.  This aircraft was
                                             a former C-47A-1-DK ( 42-92228), RAF  FL596.       John Berto provides the nice color
                                             shot below taken by his father, Ben at Mount Hope, Ontario in the spring of 1975 whilst
                                             CF-ETE was serving with Northland Air.   This DC-3 was later sold in the US as N62WS,
                                             and was written off on the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border on 26 March 2004.  (Don't even