CF-EJD-X   Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner                  (c/n   1)


                                           The Avro Canada Jetliner was a superb design destroyed by political infighting and the advent of
                                           the Korean War.  It flew shortly after the ill fated D.H. 106 Comet, and was not plagued by nearly
                                           as many problems.  The image above is courtesy of Avro Canada.  Unfortunately Avro did not have
                                           the capacity to develop both the CF-100 and the C-102 and the Korean conflict demanded that
                                           maximum attention be given to military products   Howard Hughes was very impressed with the
                                           C-102 and envisaged its usage by many airlines in the US.  He even tried to get Convair to license
                                           produce it, but met fierce resistance from the US government on such a scheme.  Hiughes then tried
                                           to buy the rights himself.  Avro Canada (probably very wisely) rejected his offer. First flight of
                                           this elegant design was on 10 August 1949 and the last time it was seen airborne was at a CNE
                                           Air Show in 1956.  It was finally dismantled.