CF-DGC  de Havilland D.H.82C Tiger Moth         (c/n   DHC1020)


                                                  This uncontrasty image is from the Jennifer Gradidge collection.  In fact, it's more like a puzzle:
                                                  "See if you can pick out the Tiger on floats among the background of forest.....".    This was
                                                  formerly the RCAF's 4830 and was originally fitted with a Menasco Pirate engine (Gipsy
                                                  Majors came into short supply during WW II).  Whether or not this had been switched out by
                                                  the time this shot was taken is not known.    Current owner Paul Williams has kindly sent me a
                                                  contemporary shot of this old bird (below), sunning itself at Dunnville, Ont.  As Paul says:
                                                  "Looks a bit different now, doesn't it?"