CF-CXT  de Havilland Canada DHC-1B-2-3S  Chipmunk T. Mk 2    (c/n 124- 162)


                                              The lack of undercarriage leg fairings on these Canadian Chipmunks gives the landing gear a
                                              distinctly spindly appearance.  The T.10 looked much sturdier, even if the effect was purely
                                              cosmetic.  CF-CXT had been purchased by the RCAF and loaned to the Royal Canadian
                                              Flying Club, Hamilton (Ont).   This aircraft crashed in 1956 and the registration was subsequently
                                              re-issued to another Chipmunk, c/n 205-243 which was still extant as C-FCXT as late as March
                                              of 2005.   Although outside of the normal "range" for my collection, I will, nevertheless, append the
                                              image of this second -CXT below  .  This comes from the collection of Rodney Bown, noted
                                              Chipmunk authority.  Rodney advises the following historical details regarding this second holder
                                              of the -CXT registration as follows:   <>"CF-CXT(2) 205-243 was registered 31 Jan 1972 and
                                              purchased by Ike Enns in Dec 2004.  It is wearing 18025 markings which is odd considering it is
                                              really 18067 and later 12067 when the series was changed around 1970 to align with Canadian
                                              Armed Forces".