CF-CUO  Douglas DC-6B                  (c/n  43842)


                                                    Many have argued (myself among them) that the DC-6B was the very best of the Douglas
                                                    4 engine airliners.  Bigger and far more luxurious than the DC-6, and 'way more economical
                                                    than any of the DC-7 series, this aircraft really was a joy to both fly and fly in.  Canadian Pacific
                                                    possessed a modest fleet of both these and the airfreighter variant, the DC-6A.   They were
                                                    used originally on the long trans-Pacific route from Canada to Australia, and later on the South
                                                    American route. CF-CUO was named "Empress of Lima" and went into service in 1953.
                                                    It was sold to Union Aeromaritime de Transport, (as F-BHMR) another large DC-6B operator
                                                    in 1959, when the Britannias and DC-8s were added to CPAL's fleet.  Its latter life is far too
                                                    complicated to annotate here, but it wound up in 1994 derelict in Villavicencio, Columbia
                                                    (its last rego was HK-3847X).