CF-CRY  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G         (c/n  20592)


                                                 At the gate at Vancouver, late 1950s.  The CPAL DC-3s have been white topped by now.
                                                 CF-CRY was a fairly late model (as DC-3s go) being first delivered as C-47A-90-DK
                                                 43-16126 in 1944.  It was civilianized for CPAL in 1946.  In the 1950s it was sold to the
                                                 Portuguese colonial airline DTA in Angola as CR-LCY, and was re-registered D2-LCY
                                                 when that African nation gained independence.  The DC-3 was withdrawn from use in
                                                 Luanda in 1975.