CF-CPX  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G            (c/n     6085)


                                                    Here's a nice Canadian Pacific shot of CF-CPX in flight in early post-war markings.. When I
                                                    took my own shot of it at Vancouver in 1961 (below) I was reminded of those vast wastes of
                                                    concrete at Essendon where I had shot so many of those ANA DC-3s some years before!
                                                   Anyway, by this time CF-CRX had been white topped, and the livery substantially modified.
                                                   This DC-3 was built as a C-47-DL, with USAAC serial 41-18679.  After a couple of Canadian
                                                   operators it was sold in the US as N8061A and is still on the current US register.