CF-CPS  Noorduyn Norseman VI            (c/n  439)


                                                    Like its sister ship CF-CPR, CF-CPS was delivered brand new to Canadian Pacific in April
                                                    1944.   It was originally destined for the USAAF as 43-35365 but somehow CPAL's bush needs
                                                    were deemed important enough for three Norseman (CF-CPP, -CPR and -CPS) to be diverted
                                                    from the production line for civilian use.  Canadian Pacific operated it until 1948 when it was sold
                                                    to Ontario Central Airlines.  CF-CPS crashed at Kirkness Lake, Ontario on 23 December 1950
                                                    during a snow storm.   It was transporting freight and gifts to a HBC post north of Red Lake and
                                                    the lone passenger was a Native Canadian returning home from a stay in hospital.