CF-CPP Canadair C-4-1 North Star                  (c/n  150)

                                                    The two photographs (above and below) were obtained from Canadair Limited and depict the
                                                    last of CPAL's Canadair Fours. This aircraft was named "Empress of Hong Kong". Like CF-CPP
                                                    it served with CPAL from its delivery in 1949 until January of 1952 when it was sold to Trans
                                                    Canada Airlines as CF-TFW.  On 8 April 1954 this aircraft was on a flight to Vancouver and had
                                                    been cleared on an IFR flightplan flying at 6000 feet on Green Airway 1 between Winnipeg and
                                                    Calgary.  At 09:57 an RCAF Harvard Mk. II (serial number 3309) took off from RCAF Station
                                                    Moose Jaw for a navigation cross-country exercise. The Harvard was climbing to 9000 feet,
                                                    crossed the Airway at 6000 feet and collided with the C-4-1  . A large portion of the wreckage fell
                                                    on a house which was destroyed by fire, killing the only occupant.   The Harvard pilot and all 35
                                                    occupants of the North Star were also killed.