CF-CPA  Lockheed 18-50 Lodestar            (c/n  2177)


                                                    This interesting shot shows CF-CPA in wartime, pseudo camouflage livery, flying over some
                                                    territory in which an emergency landing area might be tough to discern..   This Lodestar was one
                                                    of those slated to join the Dutch East Indies Air Force in Java in 1940 where it was to have been
                                                    serialed LT-926.  In the event, when the Japanese overran that island this machine was diverted
                                                    (seized, might be a better term) by the US Government to the Army Air Corps as a C-60-LO,
                                                    with serial 42-108787.  However, it would appear that it was released to CPAL sometime during
                                                    WW II.