CF-CAR  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G            (c/n  9452)


                                              This was the former VH-INE.    Now if, as all reference sources claim, this aircraft was exported
                                              to Canada as CF-JIP, and later re-registered CF-CAR, how was Richard J. Maclean able to
                                              secure this image of it at Essendon in 1960 as CF-CAR?  Did it return to Australia after being
                                              exported?  Extremely unlikely.  Was CJ-JIP ntu?   Anyway, the history of this machine can be
                                              found on my Australia selection page under VH-INE, although I would like to know why and
                                              when it was re-registered CF-CAR.  Maclean indicated it was on its way to Timmions Aviation
                                              in Montreal when this shot was taken.