CF-BZM  Noorduyn Norseman IV               (c/n  5)


                                                  This Norseman was owned by Johannesson Flying Service when this shot from the Leo J. John
                                                  collection was made at Winnipeg in the late 1940s.     It was a formerly CF-BAM, a pre-war
                                                  Norseman III which had been fitted with a more powerful Pratt & Whitney Wasp S3H-1 in 1937
                                                  making it a Mark IV.  Impressed during the war as RCAF 694, it was civilianized in 1946 as
                                                  CF-BZM.   It was purchased by Parson’s Airways of Kenora, Ontario in 1952.  It crashed in
                                                  1958 as a result of a mid-air collision with Ontario Central Airlines Norseman CF-IRH.  It seems
                                                  both aircraft were approaching to land when one descended onto the other.  CF-BZM was written
                                                  off although CF-IRH was later repaired.