CF-BXR  Grumman G-21A Goose                  (c/n  1059)


                                             This Goose was in operation by Laurentian Air Services when this shot was taken at Ottawa in
                                             the early 1950s by the late Peter Keating.   It was a true civilian Goose, having been built in 1939
                                             as NC2788.   However, it must have migrated over the border shortly after, since it was impressed
                                             into the RCAF as # 797.   Civilianized after WW II it became CF-BXR.    It sank in 1979 and
                                             again in 1989 but has been resurrected both times and is now registered to the Devcon Construction
                                             Company of Tualaton, Oregon as N39FG.   Ken Tilley provides a somewhat later shot of it (below)
                                             also taken by Peter.     Finally, additional images of it can be found at "The" Grumman Goose site at: