CF-BPD  de Havilland D.H.90 Dragonfly         (c/n  7538)


                                                       Only a half dozen or so Dragonflys were ever registered in Canada.  By far the largest user was
                                                       the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who seemed to like them.  This example was, in fact, a
                                                       former RCMP machine, being previously registered CF-MPD.    They were not a very robust
                                                       design and had a tendency to ground loop, which is exactly what happened to this one at Winnipeg
                                                       in April of 1945, causing it to be withdrawn from use.  Like other types operated in Canada, this
                                                       Dragonfly had an extended dorsal fin to handle the fitting of floats as required.  Canadian contributor
                                                       Ross Herrington indicates that this machine was owned by Ginger Coote Airways for a while in the
                                                       1940s.  (It was probably on floats at that time).