CF-BND  de Havilland D.H.89A Dragon Rapide               (c/n   6375)


                                                     In Canada they put virtually everything on floats, although the pontoons are pretty well
                                                     hidden by the bushes in this Leo K. John shot of the mid 1940s.   However, this image
                                                     of a Central Northern Airways Rapide does illustrate well the dorsal fin added to compensate
                                                     for the side area of the floats.  Shortly after this photograph was taken CF-BND was sold
                                                     to Queen Charlotte Airlines in B.C. and shortly after that (29 July 1949) it was written off
                                                     in a crash landing into trees on Digby Island, B.C.   It had just taken off from Prince Rupert
                                                     and, unbeknowst to the crew, the fuel had been siphoned off by thieves during the previous
                                                     night .  Hopefully the criminals were apprehended.   Canadian contributor Ross Herrington
                                                     indicates that the above shot was taken at the Brandon Avenue base in Winnipeg around
                                                    1947 or '48.