Reid Rambler    CF-BIB            (c/n  1036)


                                                     This biplane with (very) unequal span wings was built in Canada in 1928.  Series production,
                                                     to be undertaken by the Curtiss Export Co as the Curtis-Reid Rambler, was envisaged but never
                                                     got under way.  A shame, because it looks like a nice design.  Having said that, it appears that
                                                     at least thirty or so of them were built.  This machine was a rebuilt from CF-ABR (c/n 1012)
                                                     and was still operating with Curtiss-Reid Flying Service in 1938.   It then went to a J.D. Smith
                                                     of  Montreal  and was damaged beyond repair at St. Johns, PQ on 26 September 1946 when
                                                     an engine failure caused a stalled turn. .