CF-BEL   Canadian Car and Foundry (Burnelli) CBY-3 Loadmaster    CF-BEL          (c/n  1)


                                                 Originally registered CF-BEL-X while still in the experimental stage, this one off, twin boom,
                                                 aerofoil-section fuselage high-lift oddity was photographed by Brian Baker (above) and Leo
                                                 Kohn (below) in the late 1940s.   It was later sold in the US as N17N (see my shot at bottom
                                                 of page) and flew for a while with Venezuelan carrier RANSA (Rutas Aereas Nacionales, S.A.),
                                                 an airline notorious for offering an odd ball fleet (they also had a Boeing Stratoliner).  The aircraft
                                                 was built by Canadian Car and Foundry under the supervision of the inventor, Vincent Burnelli
                                                 who held the patent on the aerofoil-fuselage design.   CF-BEL is, I believe, in a museum in