CF-AQB  Junkers W.33f                     (c/n  2586)


                                        The rare shot above is from the Myles McLaughlin collection.  The person on the left is Arnold
                                        Eady, Myles' great-uncle, who was at one time the chief of police of Sioux Lookout, Ontario,
                                        where this photograph was probably taken     At that time it was operated by Pacific Western
                                        Airlines.  First registered in March of 1931, it initially went to Silverton Airways    The sho
                                        below, showing- AQB on floats was gleaned from an album of James Connor.  Date and venue
                                        unknown.  It is possible that craft was with Silverton at the time and that the photo was taken at
                                        Quebec in the early 1930s.    The W33 had the engine changed (by, I believe Arthur Fecteau
                                        when he owned it) from the original Junkers L-5 as seen above  to a Pratt & Whitney Wasp,
                                        shown in the two images below from the Al Nelson collection.     Looked like a really neat
                                        installation too.   It was owned by Riverton Airways at that time.   Also, at some point in its
                                        career it was upgraded to W.34f standard.  This ancient Junkers was withdrawn from use in 1959.