CF-AIG      Fokker F.14                                          (c/n  1401)


                                      The F.14 was the last Fokker design to be built in the United states.  Designed primarily as a mail
                                      plane, the aircraft above was the prototype and was originally registered in the US as (NC)150H. 
                                      It went to Western Canada Airways in 1929 and was then absorbed into the Canadian Airways
                                      fleet when that company was founded a year later.    It was written off in an emergency landing at
                                      in January 1931 at the aptly named Pilot Butte, which Canadian Historian Will Chabun tells me is
                                      located about 20 km east of Regina, on a direct line between Regina and Winnipeg.    At the time
                                      of this well-known accident, this aircraft was being used on Western Canada Airways' Prairie
                                      airmail service between the two cities.   The airmail service started on an experimental basis in late
                                      1928, was made permanent the next year and then canceled in 1932 as a result of cutbacks caused
                                      by hard economic times.