Stinson L-1 Vigilant  N63230                       


                                                      In 1940 Vultee acquired the Stinson Aircraft Company and developed the O-49 Observation
                                                      braced high wing monoplane.  In 1942 the US Army Air Corp re-designated the "O": Observation
                                                      types into a new "L" Liaison category and the Stinson was the first to receive such treatment,
                                                      becoming the L-1.   Most L-1s went to the UK under Lend Lease and hence tend to be a rare
                                                      bird in civilian guise.  Furthermore, extensive production was curtailed in favor of the lighter-weight
                                                      "Grasshopper" types being producted by Piper, Aeronca and Taylorcraft.  This particular aircraft
                                                      remained in the US and had the USAAC serial of 40-3102.  It is now part of the Kermit Weeks
                                                      collection in Florida.