Pacific Airmotive (Beech) C-45H Tradewind  N9980Z     (c/n   AF.816)

                                     Any resemblance between this aircraft and the original Beech C-45H from which it was converted
                                     (52-10886) must, surely, be coincidental.  Pacific Airmotive Corporation converted a number of
                                     these surplus Expeditors in 1960s.  These utlized the "Volpar-type" tricycle landing gear, and replaced
                                     the twin fin and rudder configuration of the original with a large single stabilizer. Actually, the CIA
                                     with its covert operations under the Air America banner were fond of these tri-geared Beechs,
                                     although this one, so far as I can tell, never did wind up in South East Asia.   I shot it in a hangar
                                     at Van Nuys in 1964.