North American P-64  XB-KUU         (c/n  68-3061)


                                              In 1935 North American Aviation developed the NA-16 basic training aircraft which was to be the
                                              progenitor of a whole whole series of both training and fighter types.  Most notable, of course, was
                                              the AT-6, but also included such types as Australia's Wirraway.  The NA-50A was a single-seat
                                              fighter based on this basic design which actually served for a brief period of time with the USAAF
                                              as the P-64. 
It was powered by an 870 hp Wright R-1820-77 Cyclone and had a couple of 
                                              0.30-inch machine guns.  In 1939 the Thai Air Force ordered six (designated the model NA-68)
                                              but delievery was aborted when the Japanese invaded Siam.  The machine above is one of the six
                                              and served with the Army Air Corps as 41-19085.  My shot shows it at Long Beach in 1959.
                                              It was previously NX37498 but became N68622 when it returned to the USA .  It is now part
                                             of the EAA's collection at Oshkosh.