North American P-51D-25-NA Mustang   N335         (c/n 122-39361)


                                                 Everyone's all-time favorite.  Here is N335 in company with N3333E at Van Nuys in the1960s.
                                                 It was owned at the time by Ed Weiner as racer # 14.  Its USAF serial was 44-72902 and it
                                                 served with the RCAF in 1947 as serial number 9564, before being civilianized in the US as
                                                 N6343T.  It is currently under restoration.   N3333E (c/n 122-31619) was a P-51D-20-NA,
                                                 serial 44-63893 which also served with the RCAF as 9560 and was civilianized in Canada as
                                                 CF-PIO.  It is still current, registered in Texas.