Lockheed C-69 Constellation            N90831         (c/n   1970)


                                               The Lockheed Constellation was developed as far back as 1940 in response to a specification
                                               issued by TWA.  Pan American also ordered a batch.  When war intervened both carriers
                                               relinquished their rights to delivery and the aircraft were finished as for the US Army Air Force
                                               as C-69s.  Only 22 aircraft were so designated, and half a dozen of these never in fact wore stars
                                               and bars, the war having ended soon after the first deliveries began.  The aircraft above, now resident
                                               at the Pima Air Museum  in Arizona was of  the original C-69s and was converted to civilian use for
                                              TWA in 1947 who named it "Star of Switzerland".  It was sold off  in 1950 and  had several owners
                                              all within the US, until it was acquired by the air museum  in 1971 as part of the static display.