Lockheed R6O-1  Constitution           BuAer  85163


                                           Well, it almost became civil.  This is the first of two Lockheed  Constitutions built (actually
                                           as XR6O-1s) and shot at MacCarren Field, Las Vegas in 1962.   It had been purchased
                                           but never flew again after its delivery from Litchfield Park, Arizona, where it had been stored.
                                           It became a billboard for "Alamo Gas" and I caught it soon after it arrived and when the
                                           sign painter had only put on the "A"  of "Alamo" which later ran down the fin and rudder.
                                           It was eventually scrapped.  The above shot is one of the few color images I took in that
                                           period, color film being too expensive for me.