Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon   N7671C            (c/n  15-1120)


                                                      Not very many Lockheed Harpoons were converted to civil use.  This one was photographed
                                                      at Pacoima Air Park in the San Fernando Valley in the early 1960s, just after having been released
                                                      by the US Navy.  It was slated to go to Micronesian Airlines as a freighter after conversion by
                                                      Oakland Airmotive Centaurus in 1965 although it was written off at Hayward Airport (near San
                                                      Francisco) on its delivery flight whilst taking off overloaded (or at least with an unacceptable c.of
                                                      g. setting).   
                                                      The example below, shot at Long Beach in 1962 went to Columbia.  Note long range tanks.  It was
                                                      probably also used as a freighter (this was before drug running became a common use for such
                                                      aircraft).  A note to its possible identity appears on my image in Ron Dupas' site at