Lockheed PV-1 Ventura   N18M                          (c/n  4385)


                                      This Ventura was originally delivered to the RCAF in 1943 as AJ247.    It was then civilly regis-
                                      tered in the US as NL5770N for special testing duties and sold off at the end of hostilities by the
                                      War Assets Corporation in 1947 for $100.00 and registered N18M.     It was custom outfitted
                                      by AiResesearch Corporation in Los Angeles where the above photo was taken in 1952.   In
                                      1959 it was converted to Super Ventura status and later still as a Howard 350 registered N208JW.
                                      Re-registered again in 1969, it became N570FT, had many owners and was eventually destroyed
                                      in a crash at Tenerife-Magdelena, Columbia in April 1977.
                                      for $100.00.