Lear Learstar   (Lockheed C-60A)      N26L                  (c/n 2238)


                                                    These Lockheed 18-56 (the civil model number for the Lodestar, after conversion from the
                                                    military C-60A) Learstar conversions are sufficiently different from the stock model to warrant
                                                    a page of their own.   In 1954 Bill Lear started acquiring old Lodestars and rejuvenating them
                                                    into the Learstar at a plant on Santa Monica Municipal Airport (Clover Field) where this shot
                                                    was taken in 1956.  The most distinguishing difference to the stock Lodestar was the long nose
                                                    containing the radar.  Some 300 were forecasted to be converted, but, in the event, it was a money
                                                    losing proposition and only about 60 left the plant..   The above aircraft began life as C-60A
                                                    42-32192, and was on the French register after the war as F-BAMJ.