Grumman JRF-5 Goose   N322                    (c/n B73)


                                                    From about 1948 to 1965 there was a myriad of small airlines plying the route from Long
                                                    Beach to Catalina Island.   Avalon Air Transport was the largest, but there were plenty of
                                                    others in between.  Catalina Amphibian Air Lines was one of them, one of whose Gooses
                                                    (shouldn't that be Geese?) is seen here at Long Beach Municipal in 1965.   Most of these
                                                    outfits operated ex US Navy Grumman JRF-5s.  This one was ex BuAer 37820.  In fact,
                                                    unlike the Widgeon, the Goose was used more by scheduled carriers than in "private service"
                                                    shall we say.