Grumman F6F-5K Hellcat       N100TF                          (c/n A.11286)


                                                    This Hellcat was at an air show at Boulder City, Nevada in 1990, as N100TF.  Shortly
                                                    after this photograph was taken (it did not appear in the next year's show) it went to
                                                    The Fighter Collection at Duxford where it became G-BTCC.  It is currently active,
                                                     I believe, wearing a USN livery, carrying the spurious BuAer number 40467, and coded '19'.
                                                     Its real BuAer serial was 80141, and its previous civil identities were N80142 (why not
                                                     80141?), NX100TF, N10CN and then back to N100TF, before going to the UK.