Fairchild UC-61K Forwarder     ZS-DDP             (c/n  1129)


                                                 I could not come up with a photograph of an ex-military US registered ex UC-61.  All my images
                                                 are of true Fairchild 24Ws or 24Rs.  The possible reason for this is that most of these utility aircraft
                                                 were operated outside of the US.  A large number of them were to be seen in the UK during the war.
                                                 The above example was built as a UC-61K Forwarder serial number 44-83168 but went immediately
                                                 instead to the RAF as an Argus III with serial number KK511.  I shot this photograph of it at the
                                                 Grand Central Airport (halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria) shortly after it arrived in South
                                                 Africa in 1949.