Fairchild PT-26A  Cornell  II    CF-CVK            (c/n   1068 )


                                                       This shot was taken by the late Peter R. Keating at Montreal.  This Cornell was on the strength
                                                       of the Montreal Flying Club at the time (circa 1952).   Almost 3,000 of this advanced version
                                                       (200 hp Ranger L-440-7 engine) of the PT-19 were produced by Fleet Aircraft in Canada under
                                                       the Lend Lease program.  They were used in Commonwealth Air Training Scheme service, and
                                                       were given the name Cornell.  Most of the Cornells which found their way in to the Canadian civil
                                                       aircraft register after the war were from this stock, although there were a few true PT-19s and
                                                       PT-23s which were CF- registered..   This machine was a Fleet built example, delivered to the
                                                       RCAF as FV700 in September of 1944.   It was civilianized in 1947.