Fairchild C-82A Packet                        (c/n  10073)


                                                     This aircraft was formerly the USAF's C-82A-20-FA 44-23029.   In 1961 Stewart-Davis Inc
                                                     of Long Beach, California developed a Jet-Pak unit for both the C-82 and the later C-119. 
                                                     This involved the installation of a 3,400 lb static thrust Westinghouse J34WE-36 turbojet engine
                                                     mounted in a pod on the upper surface of the wing center-section.  This particular C-82, owned
                                                     by M&F Inc when I shot it at Long Beach in 1962, had such a conversion.   N4829v undershot
                                                     the runway while landing at Granite Mountain Airport in Arkansas on 3 Aug 1964 and was destroyed
                                                     by the ensuing fire.    The four aboard escaped.