Douglas A-20G  Havoc      N34920                  (c/n   21844)


                                                      This Douglas Havoc was owned and operated by Hughes Aircraft Co, hence the "TWA"        
                                                      style markings (since they were the holding company).  It was, in fact, for a while, the
                                                      personal mount of Howard Hughes.  This shot was taken at the Hughes airfield in Culver
                                                      City, California, in 1956 on one of the rare occasions when I was able to get admittance
                                                      to the place!    It was built as A-20G-45-DO 43-22197 and may have seen service in the
                                                      Pacific theater.   After being parked at Culver City in the 1960s, it wound up in the Antelope
                                                      Valley Aero Museum in Lancaster, CA, and remained at Fox Field until at least 1993. It
                                                      was then acquired by the Weeks Museum in Tamiami, FL.   It was last reported as being
                                                      stored in a dismantled condition at Aero Traders yard in Ocotillo Wells, CA.