Curtiss-Wright A-22 (SNC-1 Falcon)    NC18067                 (c/n  1)


                                                 It turns out that this particular aircraft was the prototype of the CW A-22, a basic trainer and
                                                 light attack aircraft, and was never an "ex-military" machine, per se.  However, I chose to show
                                                 it here since it was identical in all respects to one of the 300 or so Curtiss SNC-1s which were
                                                 used by the US Navy in the early part of WW II.  It happened to be present at Santa Monica
                                                 one day in 1962, prior to its re-registration as N500G.   Some 36 CW-22s were sold to the
                                                 Netherlands early in 1940 for use as light attack machines, but were diverted to the Netherlands
                                                 East Indies (NEI) after the fall of Holland.   In US Navy use, the SNCs were limited to instrument
                                                 flight training following several tail failures during aerobatics wherein the very slim rear fuselage had
                                                 suffered stress problems.