Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina   N5591V         (c/n    1808)


                                             A considerable number of civil conversions of the long range Catalina were made after WW II.
                                             Almost every country with a sizeable civil aviation presence had at least one or two. The aircraft
                                             above was owned by Ellwood Shultz (named "Magic Carpet") and my shot shows it at LAX in
                                             the early 1960s.    It was formerly with the US Navy with BuAer No. 48446.   It went to an owner
                                             in Caracas in 1978 as YV-209CP.  Then returned to the US as N285NJ in 1985. In 1987 the
                                             Catalina went to Italy and crashed and was written off at Turin in 1989.  Several PBY-5As were
                                             used by the airlines, as my shot of Alaska Coastal Airways' N2763A below (formerly N5609V
                                             and CF-GHU) shows.