Consolidated PB4Y-2G  Privateer            N7682C


                                                    Both my images of Privateers show them just as they were released from the US Navy, i.e. not
                                                    in full civlian garb.  These aircraft were operated by Hawkins and Powers Aviation out of Greybull,
                                                    Wyoming on fire fighting duties.   The above aircraft was ex BuAer 66261 (the "last three" still
                                                    appears on the nose).   Bits and pieces from N2870G (BuAer 66304) were later used in a rebuild
                                                    of N7682C.  
                                                    The aircraft below was N6816D, also later operated by Hawkins and Powers.  It was lost in 1972
                                                    when the aircraft caught fire in flight whilst doing water drops.   Fortunately the crew escaped injury,
                                                    but N6816D was a write off.