Convair L-13A   N4910V                     (c/n  275)


                                               Towards the end of WW II the Stinson element of the Consolidated Vultee Corporation produced
                                               this ugly liaison type.  However, its heritage to the L-1 Vigilant is unmistakable.  Of the 300 deliver-
                                               ed, several were civilianized.   The one above was at Van Nuys in the late 1950s.  It was formerly
                                               47-395        Some were re-engined with Lycoming R-680 radials.  The Acme Centaur Company
                                               (sounds like something from Bugs Bunny) attempted to turn it into a true "bush" aircraft to be market-
                                               ed under the name of Centaur 101.  Only a couple were completed.  Seen below is the "prototype"
                                               N4901V at Torrance in 1959.   The concept had originally been developed by Longren Aircraft Co.
                                               The relationship between the two firms is not entirely clear.  Whatever, the radial engined variation
                                               was, if anything, even more ugly han the original and that's saying something.    Nevertheless it was
                                               an excellent STOL aircraft, fitted as it was with full leading slats.   I do not have positive identity of
                                               the former military serial of the machine below.