Canadair CT-133 Shooting Star  N157X         (c/n   24)


                                                  Here's a hot rod for a "torch jockey wannabe".   This aircraft was an actually an ex Royal
                                                  Canadian Air Force CT-133, with serial number 21024.   This shot was taken at Long Beach
                                                  in 1965 when it was owned by Omni Investment Group.  The aircraft was leased by Flight Test
                                                  Research at the time. It eventually went to a company known as Flight Systems Inc of Mojave
                                                  in 1977 (as N302FS).  It was probably operated as some sort of flying test bed.        Then to
                                                  T-Bird Aviation, also of Mojave in 1990.          It currently flies as a 'warbird' under the rego
                                                  N230CF. .