Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter    N52727               (c/n 16747)

                                                 This aircraft was built as a KC-97G-27-BO and converted to a C-97G before being declared
                                                 surplus and released to the civilian market.   Its military serial was 52-2727.  It is seen here at
                                                 Long Beach Municipal Airport, a venue almost certain to turn up aviation oddities from time to
                                                 time.  It was sold to Balair in Switzerland in 1969 as HB-ILG and operated for the Red Cross,
                                                 along with three others, in the Biafran Air Lift.   It apparently returned to the USA (again as
                                                 N52727) the next year.   Another ex C-97G used in Biafran relief was HB-ILY below, a much
                                                 illustrated (at least on the internet) machine which is now in the Pima Air Musuem.  It was formerly
                                                 the USAF's 52-2626.