Beech C-45G  (Volpar)     N9823Z      (c/n  AF-185)

                                                 In the early 1960s, Volpar Inc of Los Angeles began making these tricycle grear conversions of
                                                 the Twin Beech.  This aircraft was previously a 1951 model C-45G, USAF serial  51-11628.
                                                 These mod were so successful that Beech themselves staring building/converting them.  The CIA
                                                 (oops, sorry, I mean Air America) was a large user of these modified Beech machines in Viet Nam.
                                                 However, in the event, this particular one (despite its "Z" registration) went to Africa with French
                                                 Overseas registration F-OBYL.  It later wound up in Gabon (where it was written off) as TR-LKO.