Beech AT-7C Navigator         N78                        (c/n   6808)


                                            The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) has always maintained a vast fleet of aircraft.  They are
                                            usually registered in the N1 - N400 series.   Because of this limitation the numbers are re-used
                                            many times.   Since 1945, for instance, there have been six different aircraft registered N1 alone. 
                                            Anyway, this Twin Beech was an ex USAAF AT-7 navigational trainer, built in 1943 with serial
                                            number 43-50066.   It was formerly registered N106 also with the FAA, although re-registered
                                            when the earlier N78 (also a Beech AT-7) was disposed of in 1951.  This aircraft itself became
                                            N9189R when it was sold off in 1960.   My shot shows it at LAX in 1960.