Zantop Air Transport    Douglas DC-6A  N6574C                             (c/n  44076)


                                     A less than illustrious photo taken at Long Beach on a dull day in October 1964. This ex-KLM
                                     DC-6A (PH-TGA, PH-DFA) had 'done the rounds' of various non-skeds after it was sold off
                                     by the Dutch carrier in 1960, going to Trans American Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines, Trans
                                     Alaskan Airlines, Admiral Airways, and Twentieth Century Aircraft before Zantop acquired
                                     it in 1964.  As can be seen, it was used on military contract services.  When Zantop Air Trans-
                                     port sold its assets and certificate to Universal Consolidated Industries in 1966, this aircraft
                                     passed to Universal Airlines.  The Zantop family were finally freed  from the clutches of Universal
                                     when that concern went bankrupt themselves and Zantop International Airlines was re-born in
                                    1972.  This latter corporation lasted until 1997.