Zantop Air Transport  Curtiss C-46  N53594                               (c/n  22486)


                                        Here are two more Zantop C-46s.  Both shots are by Bob Garrard.   N53594 above was seen
                                        at Indianapolis International in March 1967, although actually by that time the airline had sold out
                                        to Universal Consolidated Industries, but the aircraft probably continued in Zantop livery some time
                                        after that take over.  Oddly it is carrying the registration three times - on the tail, the fuselage and
                                        the nose!   Some markings probably left over from previous owners.     This C-46 wound up pre-
                                        served at the CAF's 'China Doll' at Camarillo, California.  N611Z below, was the former N1382N
                                        and the Chinese Government's and CAT's machine N8364C before that.   Bob saw it at Cleveland's
                                        Hopkins International Airport.          Sold in 1986 to the Pensacola Naval Air Station Museum it is
                                        exhibited as a US Marine Corps R5C-1 with false BuNo 39611.       In fact, N611Z was a former
                                        C-46A-60-CK.  (The real 39611 had c/n 118 and was Aaxico Airlines' N10426.   Interestingly it
                                        was also operated by Zantop at one time or another and was reduced to spares at Wakeman, Ohio
                                        in 1977).  .

                                     N611Z  Curtiss C-46                      (c/n  421)