World Wide Airlines  Douglas DC-4  N79999                (c/n  3090)


                                          N79999 was a former US Overseas Airlines DC-4 leased to World Wide in July 1957 where this
                                          shot, at Oakland, California was taken.      Originally a C-54A-DO it had been civilianized for Sea-
                                          board & Western Airlines in 1947 as a freighter.     World Wide had been formed in 1948 by Eric
                                          Pearson as Pearson-Alaska Airlines.  It operated cargo and passenger charter operations and had
                                          some military contracts. It maintained a base in Anchorage in addition to its Oakland facility.  It was
                                          one of several carriers classified by the CAB as a Supplemental Airline, that fact being broadcast
                                          on the tail (see below).    In the early 1960 it branched out to include low fare irregular coast-to-
                                          coast passenger service.         In addition to DC-4s the airline also flew Curtiss C-46, Lockheed
                                          L-749 and L-1049 equipment.  World Wide folded in 1962.