World Airways  Curtiss C-46  N1443V                            (c/n  22387)


                                            Not the best print, but better than nothing, is this shot from the Brian Baker collection showing a
                                            more traditional World Airways livery than that exhibted by Bill Larkins' photo (previous entry).
                                        .   For a thumbnail history of this company see the next entry for the DC-4.  N1443V was originally
                                            civilianized as N67939 for Slick Airways when that carrier leased it from the USAF.     It then
                                            returned to the military (probably on ANG strength) as 44-78564 before returning again to the
                                            civil register in 1952 as N1443V for World.   Sold in 1955 to Central Northerrn Airways in
                                            Canada, it became CF-HZI.  As such it crashed at Fox, Manitoba on 3 April 1956 whilst flying
                                            with Transair.