United States Overseas Airlines  Douglas DC-4  N90440         (c/n  10346)


                                        United States Overseas Airlines was formed at Cape May, New Jersey in 1946 as a passenger
                                        charter outfit.    Initially operating low fare irregular scheduled flights from coast to coast and to
                                        Hawaii, it finally secured its International Certificate in January 1956     It grew into a fairly large
                                        concern and in 1960 took over the operations of Transocean.      US Overseas owned/leased
                                        some 14 DC-4s over the years and also flew Lockheed L-1049 and Douglas DC-6 and DC-7
                                        equipment.    It ceased operations on 30 November 1964.      
                                        N90440 was the former American Airlines 'Flagship Houston'.    US Overseas acquired it in
                                        August 1956   The above shot was taken at Oakland in August 1956.  The DC-4 on the left is
                                        EP-ADJ being overhauled by Transocean prior to being leased to Iran Air.    It was the former
                                        N9940F    N90440 went to Air France (on contract the French Post Office - CEP) in June
                                       1962 as F-BFCP.    It crashed and was destroyed (fuel selector problem) on take off from
                                        Paris-Orly on  28 June 1969.   Detail of United States Overseas cabin top and badge below.