Transocean Air Lines    Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation  N1927H     (c/n 4821)


                                     Transocean operated two Lockheed L-1049Hs in the late 1950s and both are shown here at
                                     Oakland, circa 1957.  They were used briefly on Taloa's 'Royal Hawaiian" flights from Oakland
                                     to Honolulu.    N1927H was leased from 1957 to 1959 after which the lessor, Air Finance Corp
                                     sold it to The Babb Company, aircraft brokers.    From there it went to non-sked Capitol Air-
                                     ways and finally to Canairelief as CF-AEN.   N1880 (below, with enlarged rego for identiy
                                     purposes) was originally owned by the 1880 Corporation, a subsidiary of  Dollar Associates .
                                     Transocean leased it in July 1957 and then, in 1959 sub-leased it to Lufthansa as a freighter
                                     (it operated as N1880).   This Super Conniet had a long and colorful career finally winding up
                                     as a fire and rescue hulk for the Dade County Aviation Departmernt in Miiami.

                                      Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation  N1880         (c/n 4820)