Transocean Air Lines   Douglas DC-4  N9937F                   (c/n  35933)


                                        This late model C-54G-1-DO had been leased to Pan American World Airways as 'Clipper
                                        Red Rover' in 1947 and had been converted to a civilian airliner by Douglas, it being the 81st
                                        such conversion of C-54s to DC-4 status.   Delivered to the USAAF in June 1945, it probably
                                        went more of less straight to the civilian conversion shop.  When Pan Am's lease expired it was
                                        picked up by Transocean and, oddly, given an "F" suffix registration.  The 'F' suffix in those days
                                        was normally given to those American aircraft based at 'Foreign' locations.    As far as I know 
                                        N9937F was based at Oakland, where this shot was taken, with the remnants of the Pan Am
                                        livery still very much in evidence.  It was returned to the USAF as 45-0480 in November 1954
                                        where it was converted to a VC-54G.   It was relegated to the Davis Monthan bone yard in
                                       1972 but became N9937F again when acquired by Dross Metals Inc in 1975.   This elegant old
                                        lady was broken up in 1976.