Resort Airlines Douglas DC-4  N65142                         (c/n  10338)


                                        Because of the propensity, in the mid 1950s of painting the registrations on aircraft so small that
                                        they could only be read from a distance of about 50 ft (tops), I will again append an enlargement
                                        of this DC-4's identity below so that you may see that it is, in fact, an ex Braniff machine.  Built as
                                        C-54A-10-DC 44-72233 in 1944, it was civilianized for Braniff in at the end of 1945.   Resort
                                        purchased it in November of 1954 and the above shot was taken at Oakland a year later.  Bill
                                        Larkins took the photo at the foot of the page at the same venue in March 1954 of another one.
                                        This aircraft, N33681 was a former National Airlines purpose-built DC-4-1009.     It went to
                                        Qantas from Resort in in 1955 as VH-EBP and was used as a freighter. .   Resort used some
                                        of their passenger configured DC-4s on their 'Caribbean Flying Houseparty' flights in the 1953-
                                        1955 era.  These were basically Inclusive Tour Charters flown from east coast cities via Miami
                                        to various Caribbean destinations (Havana, Montego Bay, San Juan etc), under a special cert-
                                        ificate originally authorized by President Truman.


                                          Douglas DC-4-1009  N33681                                  (c/n  42920)